Angelina Jolie Removed Her Boobies Thru Double Mastectomy


Who would know that this actively stunning woman has been going through some rough moments in her life since the past few months? We are talking about Angelina Jolie here, the sexy actress. Angie is reportedly to have removed her boobies thru double mastectomy – just to prevent breast cancer. It may sound tragic but this is one of the best ways for women to prevent this deadly cancer.

We cant deny that she’s done something really good not only for her own health, but to the family too, both her side and Brad Pitt’s. Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt, even praised Angie’s action and saying how they love her dearly.


If you look back at what Angelina Jolie has been doing since the beginning of the year, you’ll pretty much see her normal life — it’s filled with kids, activities with kids, and her usual humanitarian efforts!

There’s almost NO time in between sightings of her that would make anyone think her health was at risk, or that she was having surgeries!



We are truly inspired by the decision Angelina made. In the entertainment industry, an actress’s body (sadly) seems to trump almost anything. This didn’t hold her back from taking care of herself first and foremost!

Still, we’re totally glad she made the decision, even though she wanted to keep things private and might have pushed herself through recovery to make it happen. She went from an 87% chance of breast cancer to less than 5%!

I’d say that’s worth it!!

Also, we hope she can relax a little now, even if most of the healing has gone by! She deserves it!

Now, we hope others are inspired to do what they can to lower their own risks!!


Rizalman for Zalora Ingrid Peplum Baju Kurung

Monday-Blues-CatI came early this morning to the office just to find out that no one’s here. It was like……hurmm where the hell is everybodyyyy!

Damn! I was too early. So I guess I wanna update my blog – while waiting for my colleagues.

Do u guys remember my last post on Rizalman’s collaboration with Zalora Malaysia? Just for your info, they have just launched the new collection officially, last week if im not mistaken. Ouh well I DID grab something. Haha *eveil laugh


See! U can now shop for Rizalman for Zalora 2013 collection of traditional wear like kaftan, jubah and baju kurung online! Quick go and grab yours now. This collection is exclusive only for Zalora so you wouldnt find it anywhere else.




I purchased this one. Perfect to be worn for any special occasion – weddings or even formal ceremonies or events. 😉

Rizalman Ibrahim’s Collaboration With Zalora Malaysia



I found this cute blog named YouLizaHan while I was browsing the internet last night. Heard it from my friend. The blogger wrote something intresting to me, which a good news for me. hi2x



She or maybe it’s a he, said that Zalora Malaysia is offering something new, something fresher than it’s other collection. They are collaborating with the very famous Malaysian fashion designer, Rizalman Ibrahim. Ok I know, seriously I have heard of his name some time ago but didnt know much bout him. So I googled infos about him and I found something fascinating, he has been working with a lots of popular celebrities like Ziana Zain and Nasha Aziz the beautiful supermodel and actress.

However dont get too hyped yet, the collection is not ready or there yet. I think they are going to make an announcement on this soon. but we can make the purchase by using the pre-order method starts this coming 25th April 2013. Im so thrilled of this info! Wouldnt let this slip and gonna get at least a dress or something for myself.

TeaserRizalman_FB (1)


Woot wooott

are u ready fashionista?!

comment and let me know if u like it


Hollywood’s Longest Relationship


Beyonce and Jay-Z 11 years

*note : I LOVE her jacket or coat or whatever it is! ;p


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale 18 years


Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka 9 years


John Travolta and Kelly Preston 22 years


Elton John and David Furnish 19 years


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi 9 years


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson 25 years


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett 16 years


Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne 34 years


David and Victoria Beckham 16 years


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick 16 years


Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa 18 years


Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr 13 years

Emma Watson and Selena Gomez Unglamorous Look


In case your boyfriend got too excited watching Selena Gomez in her “Spring Breakers” bikini, show him this pic.

Apparently MTV likes “The Walking Dead” as much as its legions of fans. The not-so-music television network is set to air new promos for their annual movie awards show during this Sunday’s zombie-riffic season finale on AMC. And they go zombie all the way.

Here are the results:



Emma Watson

Whoa. Hermione got hit with the ugly wand. (Though her zombie eyes are strangely hypnotic, no?)


Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump



Omg what was she thinking?? Do you think her baby can breathe with her wearing that tight leather?

I personally think she needs to find some better maternity clothes than that. Apart from that, look at her shoes and her ‘misplaced’ toes. Awwwww like what they say, beauty hurts! She might wanna maintain fabulous but hey, look at your tummy lah! You just have 4 months left till the baby due.


Lady Gaga’s 24k Gold-Plated Wheelchair


The Mother Monster did it again! One after another, she always surprises us with her extraordinary weird ‘gaga’ style and taste. She is reported of having her hip surgery done recently but still, as we know how she always acts, she wanted to keep the superglamorous image by rolling around in a 24k gold-plated wheelchair.

Geezzz girl are you just simply born that way or….maybe should act more humble and blessed.

Dubbed as ‘The Chariot’ the wheelchair is designed and only fit for the Bad Romance singer. The custom ride features tufted calf leather, removable leather canopy and gold pleated wheels. Designed by Ken Borochov, it is not the first piece for her by him. He created a gold hand adornments for Gaga on her fragrance launch last year.


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