Emma Watson and Selena Gomez Unglamorous Look


In case your boyfriend got too excited watching Selena Gomez in her “Spring Breakers” bikini, show him this pic.

Apparently MTV likes “The Walking Dead” as much as its legions of fans. The not-so-music television network is set to air new promos for their annual movie awards show during this Sunday’s zombie-riffic season finale on AMC. And they go zombie all the way.

Here are the results:



Emma Watson

Whoa. Hermione got hit with the ugly wand. (Though her zombie eyes are strangely hypnotic, no?)



Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump



Omg what was she thinking?? Do you think her baby can breathe with her wearing that tight leather?

I personally think she needs to find some better maternity clothes than that. Apart from that, look at her shoes and her ‘misplaced’ toes. Awwwww like what they say, beauty hurts! She might wanna maintain fabulous but hey, look at your tummy lah! You just have 4 months left till the baby due.


Lady Gaga’s 24k Gold-Plated Wheelchair


The Mother Monster did it again! One after another, she always surprises us with her extraordinary weird ‘gaga’ style and taste. She is reported of having her hip surgery done recently but still, as we know how she always acts, she wanted to keep the superglamorous image by rolling around in a 24k gold-plated wheelchair.

Geezzz girl are you just simply born that way or….maybe should act more humble and blessed.

Dubbed as ‘The Chariot’ the wheelchair is designed and only fit for the Bad Romance singer. The custom ride features tufted calf leather, removable leather canopy and gold pleated wheels. Designed by Ken Borochov, it is not the first piece for her by him. He created a gold hand adornments for Gaga on her fragrance launch last year.


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