Rizalman Ibrahim’s Collaboration With Zalora Malaysia



I found this cute blog named YouLizaHan while I was browsing the internet last night. Heard it from my friend. The blogger wrote something intresting to me, which a good news for me. hi2x



She or maybe it’s a he, said that Zalora Malaysia is offering something new, something fresher than it’s other collection. They are collaborating with the very famous Malaysian fashion designer, Rizalman Ibrahim. Ok I know, seriously I have heard of his name some time ago but didnt know much bout him. So I googled infos about him and I found something fascinating, he has been working with a lots of popular celebrities like Ziana Zain and Nasha Aziz the beautiful supermodel and actress.

However dont get too hyped yet, the collection is not ready or there yet. I think they are going to make an announcement on this soon. but we can make the purchase by using the pre-order method starts this coming 25th April 2013. Im so thrilled of this info! Wouldnt let this slip and gonna get at least a dress or something for myself.

TeaserRizalman_FB (1)


Woot wooott

are u ready fashionista?!

comment and let me know if u like it



One thought on “Rizalman Ibrahim’s Collaboration With Zalora Malaysia

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