Kiss & Tell Lace Heels


Hey guys, I need your honest opinion on this. Do you think I should buy this? I have seen one that’s almost similar like this on my trip to Bangkok last year but didnt buy since the lady offered me Rm250 for it. But I saw this Kiss & Tell heels on Zalora Malaysia’s FB page and I was like………I NEED TO BUY THIS! hahahaha ;p



RM145? I think that’s kinda cheap and reasonable.



Zalora Malaysia’s Improved Service ;)

Untitled-vertI  just ordered this colourful Bijoux by Z Pyramid Stud Necklace at Zalora Malaysia last week and surprisingly received my order after two short working days. Hey, that’s kinda cool, it seems they really have improved their service.

Good job Zalora! 🙂

Gonna shop there again, definitely.


Psy To Perform In Malaysia for CNY


We might have the chance to see the phenomenal singer Psy for Chinese New Year as he has been invited to Penang CNY open house.

Wooooo are we lucky or just need to think of this more?? Because ive heard that the organiser is paying him more than Rm2 million just to see he perform his world famous Oppa Gangnam Style dance.

Wait, personally I think with that such huge amount of money we could use it for better things. Dont you think so? plus where’s the 1Malaysia spirit? Instead of paying a KOREAN singer its better to invite OUR local singers to perform. That would be fair enough since we actually have a lot talented singers and musician.

Sorry I would say no to Gangnam this time though I did enjoy his song few months ago 🙂

My experience with Zalora

I got an email from zalora telling me to testimonials for them. I’m so happy and excited. I’m so glad they choose me and give me the opportunity to tell them my opinion. 😀

As a girl, I do love fashion, and I love to shop at their website. My experience with them has up and down, but overall they are a good experience. I have felt some shitty experience with them before but still that doesn’t stop me getting what I want from them. I admired their dresses too much and I don’t think I can get enough of them.

I also know that they are a growing company, and no company is perfect,so i tried to be more considerate. Well it’s actually quite risky to buy online, but I love it anyway. So if you ask me where I like to shop, I will answer you Zalora, because they give me a memorable experience.

On Preparing For Christmas!

X-mas is another one more month and the mood is here. Malls are having this x-mas tree decoration with lights, candies, santa claus and reindeer. I like the decoration in Pavllion KL. It’s so pretty. Red and Gold is the main color for the decoration.

I am preparing as well for x-mas though its one month earlier. I bought some decorations and the them for my tree is white and blue. Okay, this will be a white Christmas tree and it will look pretty

I had bought x-mas T-shirt and dress and it is cheap because the year end sale is on now. Many websites and shops in the malls are having this extremely. I am scared I will have to encounter some out of stock stuff like when I shop for hari raya.

This time, I shop earlier so that I can prepare well for Christmas and do not need to prepare everything last minute.

Fahrenheit Decoration (beautiful purple tree)


Rap Song

Listening to some rap song from youtube. It’s one of the song from pitch perfect and I’m addicted to it. lol.

I am a fan of R&B song and it’s really entertaining. here is the link.

it’s almost like DJ-ing. lol in some ways.

Try listening to it, you will feel like dancing and do some shake a bit. lol

Long live rap song! xD